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Keep your arms raised

I would like to draw your attention to the image of 'arms raised' today.

When I am concerned about something important I will often raise my hands and arms to

emphasize my concern. One can imagine the widow in the Gospel taken from Luke18:1-8 pleading with the unjust judge doing the same. She kept at him and never gave in because she knew she was being treated unjustly. She believed that eventually she would win through and she did. She held the moral high ground. Jesus uses the story to encourage us not to lose heart and to keep the faith despite the energy and time it takes to achieve our goals.

In today's reading from Exodus: 17:8-13, Moses keeps his arms raised in order for Israel to have

the advantage over their enemies. He needed Aaron and Hur to support his arms when he grew weary. We need the support of each other too to achieve positive outcomes for ourselves and others suffering injustice. It often means the long haul.

How many cases in this country have there been where a miscarriage of justice has taken place? And how many times has that wrongful decision been overturned because enough people have spoken out and refused to give up, sometimes over many years. The Peter Ellis case is a recent example.

I think of Jesus’ own fight against injustice, even to his death and resurrection. He lives out and gives witness to the parable that he tells his disciples. We look to him to keep the faith and never lose heart. He extends his arms upon the cross for our sake and never grows weary. We can be assured that the long haul to ensure justice is done is worth it and that he is on our side.

You may like to listen to 'There is no distance' track 11

Blessings on your week.

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