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These Days of November Make us Remember

In her book, the Mystery of Death, theologian Dorothee Soelle writes, “These days of November…make me remember. They send me to the cemetery, at least inwardly. They make me aware that I am not the giver of my own life. Into the cloak of life is woven all the affection and tenderness of the people who are no longer here and whom I remember.”

Some of those people gone before us are our Mother, our Father, our grandparents, close friends who touched our lives immeasurably. Are they saints? I would like to think so. Today’s feast honours all those people who are the anonymous saints.

These people give us courage regarding our future death and remind us that we carry the beautiful qualities of those we loved and who loved us. All Saints Day urges each of us to have hope even though the future “has not yet been revealed”. We do not know how or when our death will be, but we do know the strengthening blessings we have received from those who once journeyed with us in this life.

Lord Jesus, thank you for those who shared their presence with us in this world. Help us to give of ourselves as fully as possible to you on the path that leads from death to life.

Listen to ‘I Remember’ from the album ‘Place at the Table’.

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